Inset installation is the most common and popular installation method for sinks. Its main advantage is easy assembly and fitting to any type of worktop, no matter what it is made of. By use of a template or by drawing the shape of the sink, then reduction of the external dimension by 1.5 cm on each side, executes hole in the countertop, properly protect against water penetration, and then inserts the sink into the countertop. Clips that we attach in a set ensure stability of the assembly. Please note that in the case of glass sinks the hole in the countertop is cut only under the chamber in order to maintain the stability of the glass top.

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Inset installation with flat edges applies to sinks with reduced edges, that protrude above the worktop only by the thickness of their material and just like a inset installation, it does not require special waterproof countertops. Thanks to this, we obtain an aesthetic and uniform surface appearance which is also very easy to clean.

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Undermount installation consists in suspending the sink underneath prepared and treated waterproof surface made of granite, composite or solid wood. This type of assembly gives the possibility of joining different chambers sizes and shapes, tailored to individual preferences, while providing an elegant look. The sink becomes almost invisible, and cleaning the worktop has never been so simple.

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