Quadron is a brand created and animated by enthusiasts – people with huge market and product experience in the industry of products dedicated to the wet zone in home kitchens.

We are proud of our previous professional achievements, and all the best experiences with products as well as the services and convenience of the customers, we develop in our daily work for the Quadron brand.

Everyday pursuit to meet the expectations of customers is not only our work, but the energy that drives every next day. We are guided in building the product portfolio by high quality, unique design and ergonomics, considering that they are the most important elements from the point of view of the future user

Quadron products are manufactured in our production plants or especially for us by friendly producers. Regardless of the plant or country of origin, we guarantee invariably high product standard.

* key people in the company have totally over 80 years of experience in the industry!


“Imagine your kitchen” is our motto. Imagine the kitchen … Your kitchen … Come to us and we will do our best to help your idea become a reality! We are here to meet your dreams and desires to stay in nice and comfortable conditions. We want to move you to your dream kitchen.

Your happiness is our pleasure!

We want the customer or the end-user of our brand to be happy with each contact with our company and our product. We want to be innovative by giving consumers a beautiful, fashionable and reliable product. We want to be an opinion leader on the market of wet zone products in home kitchens. We want to be a loyal partner for our clients, suppliers, employees and colleagues. We want to be proud of thousands of satisfied users of our products! The best people in the industry are at your disposal!